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Some fleshed out tracks that could fit in a video game that I hope you enjoy!

new!Wired Enemy

Sunny Wilds

An upbeat jungly theme to explore and traverse the wilds

Perfect Practice

A quirky funky laid-back track with a bridge that picks up the pace

Firey Theme

An energetic latin-inspired piece with a driving rhythm


A mysterious ambient track with an adventurous chiptuney melody

MIDI tracks

Video game tracks with a MIDI you can download clicking on the button! (Its sound may differ according to your computer's soundfont)

Calm Pond

A soothing harp and woodwind melody that lets you take a rest and heal

Sunset Woods

This jazzy upbeat track takes you on a romp through the forest, as you would in a kart racer

NES Tracks

Original NES style video game tracks using the Famitracker software to emulate the authentic NES sound. Click on the download button to obtain the .NSF!

new!Rising Mass

A chiptune track that steadily amps up in energy as you gather more stuff in a game under limited time

Aquamarine Shores

An upbeat 12/8 piece that you could imagine in an intrepid coastal level, using the VRC6 chip

The Vast Skies

An adventurous, orchestral Mario Galaxy inspired piece transplanted to an NES with a VRC6 chip

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