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VG Covers

A couple of covers I've made of video game tracks, sometimes with genre reinterpetation. Click on the download button if a track has it to download the midi! (Its sound may differ according to your computer's soundfont)

new!Amp Plains

A cover of the Amp Plains theme from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers, done in a Latin Jazz style with acoustic saxophone and flutes.

NES Covers

Covers I've made of music using the Famitracker software to emulate the authentic NES sound. Click on the download button to obtain the .NSF!

Rainbow Road

A cover of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 8

Covers of Lemon Demon in odd time signature

Midi covers of Lemon Demon in a jazz-ish style using odd time signatures. Yes, surprisingly I have been making more than one of these, more coming soon!


A cover of Cabinet Man, but in a 7/8 time signature


Eight Days a Week

A nostalgic lo-fi cover of Eight Days a Week by The Beatles, played on the saxophone in ensemble.

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